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PowerWise 1G 4PPoE

This nCompass™ copper solution combines Superior Essex PowerWise® 1 Gigabit 4PPoE cabling and Clarity® 5e connectivity by Legrand®, offering premium channel performance and energy efficiency that exceeds industry standards. It assures exceptional overall channel performance significantly above current industry specifications, and it improves network efficiency with exceptional PSNEXT, and PSACR over current CAT 5e standards.

System Benefits

• Offers 8 dB crosstalk margin over ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 to assure better performance
• PSNEXT, and PSACR over CAT 5e requirements
• CableID® allows cable run to be identified easily on both ends
• ColorTip™ allows for cables to be easily identified
• Clarity connectivity improves signal to noise ratio of channel
• Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty