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Connect and stay connected to your network with an nCompass structured cabling system that provides you with the assurance of maintaining higher uptime and peak performance to accommodate the ever-changing bandwidth and density requirements. You’ll get a system designed with flexibility for future growth and energy efficient options to improve your overall network performance. All nCompass systems meet or exceed industry standards, and we offer continuous technical support before, during, and after the installation.



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Learn how nCompass Systems can contribute to LEED certified buildings.

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complete support.

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complete efficiency. 

  Effective project management is critical to your success. From the design phase, throughout your installation, and in the years beyond we provide you complete support.

- Accredited design specialists
- Field engineers
- National network of certified contractors
- Excellent product performance
- Extended warranties

  nCompass cabling systems improve your network's efficiency with innovative design principles that enhance passive airflow, as well as provide product features that increase installation productivity and reduce overall network costs.

- Lower OPEX and CAPEX
- Reduced jobsite waste
- Smaller diameter cable
- Installation productivity benefits


complete reliability.


complete flexibility.

Minimize your network downtime and significantly decrease operational budgets. Support increasing bandwidth demands with reliable products that are tested to ensure performance margins.

- State-of-the-art research facilities
- In-house ETL testing labs
- Interoperability testing with leading industry development companies

  Anticipate the next generation of network requirements with products that grow with changing demands to offer flexibility across several applications.

- Standard, high and ultra-high density
- Outside plant
- Data centers, including SAN environments
- LAN applications