Extended Distance Solution

nCompass is excited to introduce our new Extended Distance solution that allows smart building networks to connect to devices beyond 100 meters. This copper cabling system that can carry high power and data beyond the limitations of current cabling systems. This new solution will put an end to expensive workarounds due to distance constraints defined by current standards. Our new extended distance system is the only truly “device agnostic” solution available (will accept any brand device), and the only system on the market that is tested and verified by UL.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Exceeds 100 meters (current TIA standard)
  • Device agnostic
  • Can deploy PoE and IP
  • No special components
  • Cost savings
  • Warranty backed
  • UL Certified and Verified
  • Built for moderate to harsh environments
  • Variable design components
  • Continues energy efficiency benefits

Design a Cabling System for Your Network

The nCompass Extended Distance solution is made of the Legrand Clarity performance line of high-density jacks and multi-contact cords connecting Superior Essex PowerWise® 1G and 10G PoE cables and field term plugs. This premium solution supports cutting-edge network installations to meet the demands of the increasing number of connected IoT and 5G devices.

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